About us

Sustainabillies is Dustin Cornelison and Sara Martin. We are a couple who is concerned with how our lifestyle affects the environment and desires greatly to live in harmony with the world around us.  We are from Kentucky, and moved to Canton, NC in 2004 for Sara to go to graduate school at Western Carolina University. After completing her master’s degree in biology, we lived at and worked for a local environmental education center. Dustin started doing construction and remodeling of homes. Sara was offered a job at Haywood Community College and we bought our own piece of property in Haywood County to start our home. Dustin started going to school and acquired a degree in welding and became certified in sustainable building design. We both took numerous classes in blacksmithing. We were on our way to being more sustainable every day.

Our adventure on our property; setting up gardens, orchards, and greenhouses, preparing pastures, and building a blacksmith shop has been a labor of love. Our love for the land has allowed us to grow most of the fruits and vegetables we need off of a less than a 2 acre area that we use intensively with organic and permaculture practices. The more skills we acquired, the easier it became to live off of our land. Many of our friends asked us how we did things, and we realized that the skills and knowledge we have is in high demand, especially in these tough financial times.

So Sustainabillies was born. We now strive to teach others how to live simply, and off of the land where they are, utilizing the natural processes in their own environment instead of imposing non-natural ideals or dreaming of a property which is “perfect” that does not exist. We want our neighbors to be environmentally responsible, but we do not expect people to give up their electricity or to fetch water from the creek. We want to truly share how easy it is to live responsibly and frugally with the right knowledge and tools.

We will offer tools and supplies for the homesteader as well as classes and workshops to teach skills that are critical to this type of lifestyle. We plan to have events where you can come and visit us and enjoy the fruits of our labor and learn from our experiences of trying to create a sustainable mountain farm. We can also come to you to help you create the vision you have for your own property or business. There is no need to reinvent the wheel- we can teach you how to use the tools and knowledge we have in gardening, blacksmithing, food preservation, and installation of native habitats. Living simply so that others can simply live is one of our favorite mottos, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t have a lot of fun and a beautiful home that functions to support your dreams.